Club Arledrop member

11,20 €



Arledrop members have a 10% discount on the products displayed on this page. As the months wore on they will be included in this relationship bottles of ink of inks that have appeared in Arledrop over the past six months.

Faq Arledrop

Cost of service

Arledrop has a monthly price of 11.20 € for residents of Spain and 12.80 € for other countries in the world.

Are the shipping costs included in the price?

Yes, the shipping costs, both for Spain and overseas, are included.

How do you pay?

The payment is made via credit card.

When is payment made?

Payment should be made 24 hours after joining Arledrop. This enables you to begin benefiting as a member of the club.

When are samples received?

The first shipment is made 24-48 hours after joining the club. After the second month the shipment is made at the beginning of each month.

How can you enjoy the associated services of Arledrop?

After 24 hours of registration in Arledrop you can enjoy the associated services (discounts in bottles of ink and other products)

What payment terms does Arledrop have?

There isn’t any permanence obligation in Arledrop. When one wishes to withdraw from this club you has to inform us by e-mail.

Can you choose the monthly colour range?

No. In Arledrop we will choose the monthly colour combination which will be sent to each member of the club.

Can I give an Arledrop suscription as a gift?

Yes. You only have to indicate the address of the person who will receive the monthly shipment. The suscription fee will be adjusted for the country destined for dispatch (11.20 € if the benefactor resides in Spain and 12.80 € if they resides in another country)