About Arlepo

Despite the vast change in the means of communication that have occurred in recent decades, there is room in our society for people that find it attractive for a elegant and personalized communicaciton in fountain pens, inks and writing papers.

Beyond the status that some people give to fountain pens, these are writing tools of prime importance that, in conjunction with the great variety of inks available and with different paper formats which are produced, are able to create the most varied combination of communication.

Communicating isn’t only sending information from one place to another. Communicating is also the method and the form selected to transmit that information.

Although you can use fountain pens to communicate the most varied information, they are writing tools people who have a daily need to write such as students and various professions where electronic media have not succeeded in its implementation.

Aware of the need to provide a complete set of elements for quality writing in Arlepo we have created a space where anyone wishing to own fountain pens, writing paper and inks can do so in a comfortable way as we have set up this website clearly to be able to offer a great quantity of items for assassment to the buyer.